Ron Paul Institute’s YouTube channel deleted

On Thursday afternoon former Republican Congressman Ron Paul announced that YouTube inexplicably and without warning deleted his Ron Paul Institute Channel, citing “no warning, no strikes, no evidence.”

The popular Libertarian thinker and long-term Republican rep whose daily commentary is featured in the Ron Paul Liberty Report said he was “very shocked” especially given the channel has lately been “rarely used”. The popular Liberty Report is hosted on a different channel altogether and appears to still be active, however.

After appealing the move, YouTube sent Paul a message saying the request for review and appeal has been denied.

“We have decided to keep your account suspended based on our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service,” YouTube said in a statement screenshoted and posted to Twitter by the former Congressman.

It’s unclear precisely what was behind YouTube’s rationale for the suspension, but the dominant video upload platform owned by Google just this week announced what’s essentially a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to channels flagged for Covid ‘misinformation.’

As TechCrunch detailed Wednesday, “The Google-owned video platform had previously banned over 1 million videos spreading dangerous COVID-19 misinformation.”

The report continues, “Now, YouTube says it will also remove content that spreads misinformation about vaccine safety, the efficacy of vaccines and ingredients in vaccines.”

The Ron Paul Institute via its main webpage regularly features analysis questioning the flurry of contradictory dictates coming out of federal and state health authorities concerning Covid-19, vaccines, social distancing practices and enforcement.

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However, it remains unclear if this was the reason for the ban on its YouTube channel.

Jeffrey Tucker, a libertarian scholar who runs the recently established Brownstone Institute, called the move by YouTube “an attempt to purify all platforms of dissent” that’s “getting worse by the hour.”

Paul’s son Rand, a Republican senator from Kentucky, was also targeted by YouTube censorship recently. In early August, he revealed that the “leftwing cretins” at Google gave him a week-long ban for quoting peer-reviewed articles about the efficacy of face masks in stopping the spread of Covid-19.

Senator Paul called the censorship “a badge of honor” and said it amounted to “anti-free speech, anti-progress of science” behavior. However, as a libertarian, he chose to publicly express disagreement and promote companies that valued free speech, instead of calling for their regulation.

While YouTube has not commented on why the Ron Paul Institute’s main channel was deleted, the former congressman has an upcoming book critical of the current administration’s fiscal policies.

His last tweet:


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